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1958 year Buick Special

Technical data:

  Engine displacement :   364 CID (6,0L)
  Power :   250 hp (186kW)
  0-60 :   - sec.
  Seats :   6
  Doors :   4
  Lenght :   5379 mm
  Width :   1981 mm
  Height :   1473 mm
  Weight :   1866 kg
  Drivetrain :   RWD

1958 Buick commercial: 1 ; 2

Production years:

This bodystyle was built in 1957-58.

Body specifics:

Those Buicks used four headlamps and had absolutelly different design from previous models. The Limited was the longest and with the best equipment available. Roadmaster and Super were also longer models. Special and Century were the shortest. All models had their designated model names written on the sides and on the back of the body.


Special's standard equipment was speed buzzer (notified the driver when set speed was reached), dual horns, sunscreens for both in front, dome light and light for the ignition key.

Optional equipment included power steering, power brakes, seatbelts.

Car price at the dealership:

~2 380$

Interesting facts:

Buick Limited had the most chrome ever used on a car - till this day there has never been a factory made car with more chrome than Buick Limited 1958.

Buick was the only car manufacturer who used the accelerator starting system.It was first used in 1934 and continued until 1960.

48 238 units of 1958 year Buick Special's were made.