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1959 year Cadillac Series 6200

Technical data:

  Engine displacement:   390 CID (6,4L)
  Power :   325 hp (242kW)
  0-60 :   11,2 sec. (automatic)
  Seats :   6
  Doors :   4
  Lenght :   5715 mm
  Width :   2027 mm
  Height :   1428 mm
  Weight :   2193 kg
  Drivetrain :   RWD

1959 Series 6200 introduction/commercial:

Production years:

This bodystyle was made only in 1959.

Body specifics:

1959 was the beginning of the sixth generation Series 62 Cadillac. The car became instantly very known for it's huge tailfins and dual bullet rear lights. Series 62 was the former name, but in 1959 it was changed to Series 6200. The car had new roof design and new pillar configuration. The roofline was changed. The front grill was new and the car was divided into separate sections with chrome trim. For promotional purposes the grill was told to be new with the diamond effect and style, but in reality, the same style was already used in 1957. In 1960 the car received many exterior changes again (new front grill, lower and smaller tailfins, new front bumper), but the name remained the same.

During the introduction time of the car, there were divided opinions of it - there were people, who liked the car, and people, who hated it. The car was very new to it's time and had many new uncommon solutions. This car was the last car of the winged 50's. After this car, those huge tailfins became lower and smaller and eventually dissapared. Series 6200 was the tip of it's era.

There was no budget cuts regarding chrome on this car. In addition to the highest tailfins, the car also had the most chrome on it. To be able to have more chrome on this car, then a dummy grill was designed to the back of the car. The grill had no function and was only for decorative purposes. Cadillac's goal was to achieve fully chromed rear for the car. Critics have told, that this was one of the reasons why the bootlid was placed that low, reducing the boot space. Cadillac's response to that was, that the boot size has not been decreased and has as much room as the previous generation. They said, that the purpose was to design a rocket look for the car (car reminds of a rocket when looked from the side).


Standard equipment included powersteering, -brakes, automatic transmission, dual reverse lights, two speed electric wipers, hubcaps, left side mirror and a vanity mirror.

Optional equipment was rich: cruise control, air-suspesion, electrical doorlocks, power windows, power seat in the front, automatically dimmed dash lights, electric boot lock, radio with rear speaker (+ remote for additional cost), air conditioning, fog lights, wide whitewall tires. In addition, many dealers offered localy a repair kit, undercarriage extra cover (thick layer of color to the frame and bottom of the car), foot switch for the radio, locking fuel cap, floormats.

Car price at the dealership:

This model was priced at 5 080$.

Interesting facts:

1959 year Cadillac used the same design for front doors like the same era Buick. GM had the purpose to use the same front door on all GM models of the time to reduce the production costs.

In reality one of the major reasons for higher tailfins was the competitive spirit with Cadillac's and Chrysler's designers. Cadillac started the winged style with the extended tailfins in 1948 and was know by that then already. In 1958 Chrysler designed outstanding and better looking tailfins, what caused the people to say that Cadillac has lost the crown and Chrysler is the new king of tailfins. This made a clear goal for Cadillac designers - 1959 Cadillac had to have cooler, higher, better wings than Chrysler.

Six window 4-door models were produced 23 461 in 1959.