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1974 year Dodge Charger

Technical data:

  Engine displacement :   318 CID (5,2L)
  Power :   147 hp (110kW)
  0-60 :   7,4 sec.
  Seats :   6
  Doors :   2
  Length :   5400 mm
  Width :   1960 mm
  Height :   1330 mm
  Weight :   1950 kg
  Drivetrain :   RWD

1974 Charger commercial:

Production years:

This bodystyle was made in years 1971-74.

Body specifics:

On 1971 started the production of the third generation Dodge Chargers. The third generation had a splitted grill and had a more rounded and smoother body compared to the previous generation.

Standard and optional equipment:

Chargers standard equipment included wooden decorative trim on doors, steering wheel and dash, armrests on front doors and ash trays in front and back.

Optional equipment list was long: air conditioning, automatic speed control, electrical clock, rear window defogger, tinted windows, additional exterior and interior lights, sideview mirrors (only left or both in chrome and with bodycolour), powerbreaks, -steering, -windows, AM/FM radio, extra speaker in back, sun roof (manual), sure grip differential, sport suspension, different tire types (whitewalls, sport tires), trailer hitch, windshield wipers, hood opening from inside, center armrest in fron seat.

Optional engines: 360ci (200hp); 400ci (250hp) ja 440ci (275hp). There was also an option to choose a 3-speed or 4-speed manual gearbox.

Car price at the dealership:

Base model price started from ~3 200$

Interesting facts:

1974 Dodge Charger was well known NASCAR racer Richard Petty's favourite car. He won 25 races with it. Overall the third generation Charger was one of the most succesful NASCAR racer during that era.

Altought 1974 Charger looked and was like a muscle car, it was described as a personal luxury car.

55 673 units of two-door Dodge Chargers were made in 1974.