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1980 year Chevrolet Corvette

Technical data:

  Engine displacement:   350 CID (5,7L)
  Power :   190 hp (140kW)
  0-60 :   8,2 sec. (automatic)
  Seats :   2
  Doors :   2
  Lenght :   4704 mm
  Width :   1753 mm
  Height :   1219 mm
  Weight :   1472 kg
  Drivetrain :   RWD

1981 Corvette commercial:

Production years:

This bodystyle was made in years 1980–82.

Body specifics:

1980 y. Corvettes had integrated spoilers as a standard equipment to reduce drag significantly.

Standard and optional equipment:

Air-conditioner was standard equipment in all models. Same is for adjustable steering wheel and electric windows.

Optional equipment included electric central locking system, rear window defogger, glass roof panels, cruise control and radio.

Car price at the dealership:

About 13 200$.

Interesting facts:

1980. year model was the last one (except models made for California), which didn't have computer assisted engine. 1981 year and later on models had electronically assisted engines as a standard equipment.

1980 year versions were produced 40 600 units.