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1957 year DeSoto Firesweep Station Wagon "Shopper"

Technical data:

  Engine displacement :   325 CID (5,3L)
  Power :   245 hp (182kW)
  0-60 :   11 sec.
  Seats :   6
  Doors :   4
  Lenght :   5522 mm
  Width :   1989 mm
  Height :   1450 mm
  Weight :   1920 kg
  Drivetrain :   RWD

1957 DeSoto commercial: 1 ; 2

Production years:

This bodystyle was built in 1957.

Body specifics:

DeSoto Firesweep was a lower-priced entry which combined a Dodge shell and chassis with a DeSoto bumper and grill. While the Firesweep featured DeSoto's signature tailfins, the front clip (the front section, forward of the firewall) was based on the Dodge Coronet.

The Firesweep model was available in six seat configuration as a four-door sedan, four-door station wagon (optional 9 seats), two-door hardtop and four-door hardtop. A convertible model was added in 1958.


Standard features included: "Torsionaire Ride", "Oriflow" shocks, "Safety-Lock" door latches, "Total Contact" brakes and "Power-Tip" spark plugs. The Automatic transmission was the older Powerflite 2-speed unit and 14" rims.

Optional equipment included air conditioning with fresh air heater, air foam seat cushions, dual rear antenna, single power antenna, self-winding clock, electric steering wheel clock, dual exhausts, Firesweep backup lights, front and rear carpets in Firesweep, fresh air heater, non-slip differential, outside mirror, padded safety dash panel, power brakes, power seat - six-way, power steering, power window lifts, radio (standard with antenna), rear seat speaker, rear window defogger, tinted glass, variable speed windshield wiper, wheel covers, whitewall tires, windshield washer.

Car price at the dealership:

3 169$

Interesting facts:

DeSoto Fireseep Station Wagoni 9 seater model was called Explorer and the 6 seater model as Shopper.

The Firesweep was available with up to a three-color paint job (the body was a different color than the "sweep" on the side of the body, and the roof was a different color still). Unfortunately it did not turn out to be very popular and dual color option was mostly used (roof and side were the same color).

1957 only 2 270 DeSoto Firesweep Station Wagon "Shopper" models were produced.